4 Tips For New CS:GO Players

Many veterans stress the importance of accuracy and weapon functionality. Being able to shoot more efficiently will significantly make you a better player, it’s suggested.

Though there are also other areas which can help you improve your skills, these include practice, map knowledge and player tactics.

My 4 Tips For New CS:GO Players List

Below are my top 4 tips for new players that want to improve as a CS:GO player.

1. Improve Your accuracy

Games like C.O.D and APEX Legends, will have a player focusing on their accuracy using the sight in order to zoom in on their target. CS:GO is different because most players consider firing from the hip to be the strongest style of shooting unless you prefer to play as a sniper.

Working on your hip firing will help you rack up more kills if you understand the game logic behind hip firing.

Standing still

If you are having a hard time hitting your target, it’s best to find a safe place to camp and focus on stationary shooting. It’s common knowledge that the first shot you take when standing still will land exactly at the point of the cross hair. This makes it extremely good for head-shots.

You can combine standing-still with quick aiming, meaning you take one shot and re-aim straight away to guarantee another 100% chance shot. This may seem like a slower way to shoot but one well placed shot is better than ten that miss the target.

Learn each weapons recoil

When you fire an automatic weapon you will see that most of the bullets do not hit the centre of the cross-hair. This is because the game is imitating what would happen with a real weapon known as the recoil.

If you have the time you should practice firing each weapon at the wall to see how the weapon reacts. Skilled players will know how each spray pattern works and will use their mouse to counteract the pattern.

CS:GO Practice Centre

Learning how to move in the game is what separates the elite from the average CS:GO players. It needs to become second nature.

Most experts suggest the best way to shoot is in bursts. This stops the recoil getting out of hand and allows you to be more accurate.

Avoid running and shooting

Even a master of recoil manipulation will struggle to land a shot while running. Shooting on the move is one of the worst ways to hit a target because the weapon accuracy is all over the place. I heard one pro-player once say “You may as well, not even bother taking a shot if you’re running. Timing and well placed shots are key to racking up kills.”

2. Practice makes perfect

If you want to really improve your CS:GO skills you will need to create a practice schedule. Many professional players practice for a minimum of 8 hours a day. This has become very common for e-sports teams to treat the game like a full time job. If you want to be as good as a professional you have to put the time and effort in. Try to spend your time wisely by focusing on your weak areas. Try to use all weapons and learn every corner and hiding spot on all maps. The more you play the more you will play based on muscle memory and instinct.

CS:GO Server Hosting Prices Screenshot

If you want to practice your skills in a more casual manner you can always rent your own private server. Having a private server allows you to practice without other players interfering with your game. If you want to know more about a CS:GO server check out my other article How to choose a CS:GO server hosting company.

3. Use the four main weapons

CS:GO has four main weapons that professional players tend to use.


The pistol is the starting weapon that everyone gets. Its close range and has excellent accuracy while moving. Many players will use the pistol at the start of the game to earn cash and advance to a better weapon after the first 2 or 3 rounds. They are great for close quarters and firefights in small buildings.

A pistol will always come in handy, so make sure you know how to use it properly.

M4A1 and AK47

These two guns are assault rifles and commonly used by CS:GO players. They are renowned for their high damage capabilities. You can use them for both head-shots and short burst for medium and long range targets making them a player favorite.


The AWP is a powerful weapon that can be used in short bursts to secure kills very easily. It can often one shot a player without a head shot making it very novice friendly if you can afford to buy it.

All the above weapons should be practiced with in order to maximize your efficiency with each one of them. Learn their recoil and movement patterns in order to get the upper hand on your opponents.

Watch professional players

You can learn a lot of tips and tricks by watching professional players on Twitch or YouTube. Many professional players will stream as part of their daily practice schedule. Which makes it a great resource for your own training regime. Some Twitch players also offer a Q and A section in which they will offer you tips to improve your own playing so keep an eye out for these opportunities. If you are looking for a list of CS:GO players check out this Twitch list.

Try to watch competitive matches as well, big tournaments will be commentated by other professionals and analysts. This often means they will talk about a lot of theory and strategies that you can then apply to your own playing.