How To Choose A CS:GO Hosting Provider

CS:GO has two options when it comes to renting a private server. You can either choose the standard 64 tick which is aimed more at casual players OR the 128 tick which was introduced for competitive matchmaking.

Most game hosting companies will offer both options. However you will also need to consider other areas when choosing a host including server size, location, support, customer reviews and any additional features or terms of service they may include.

What type of customer are you?

The choice you should make will be mainly based around your needs, you will probably fall into 1 of 2 types of customer:

1. Casual Gamer

If it’s your first time renting from a private company or you just want to rent a casual server here are some of the key areas you should consider before renting a standard CS:GO server.

Server Size

A standard competitive Counter Strike match consists of two teams of five which would mean you only need to rent a server which is 10 player slots. However some hosts will sell packages up to 64 slots for players that want to create a larger modded game.

Server Size Screenshot

You can change the style of CS:GO and even add a multiplayer campaign with mods.

The size of your server will depend on what you are going to use if for.

If you want to do standard matchmaking, choose 10 players. For mods choose more than 10.


CS:GO servers are hosted all over the world, meaning finding one near you shouldn’t be too difficult. If you’re located in North American you will have options all across the country, this applies to Europe and Australia too.

Game Server Locations Screenshot

Game servers can be a bit more difficult to locate in third-world countries and can often be more expensive. However in order to run a lag free server you will need to choose a location that is closest to you and your community.

If you’re unsure which data centre is closest to you ask the hosting company for advice.

Monthly or Annual Subscription

You can usually save a little more money on your server if you choose a 6 month or 1 year payment plan. Discounts can be as little as 5% for 6 months or up to 20% for anyone that is willing to pay for a year in advance.

Obviously it can be risky paying for a year subscription if you’re unsure that you will play it for that long. But for bigger more established communities a year plan can be a great option.

Billing Cycle Streamline Servers

Monthly on the other hand isn’t that expensive with the cheapest server on my research page just costing $5.20 for 10 players.

I’d usually suggest choosing a monthly service before committing to a longer subscription. See your first month as a trial month in which you can rate the company’s performance.

If the company you choose offer great support and run a good server you can feel a little more confident if you do decide to sign up for a longer period with them.

2. Competitive 128 Tick CS:GO servers

If you’re a more experienced player and you’re looking for a higher performing server you may want to consider a 128 tick server.

CS:GO Screensaver

Game server hosting companies will either offer this as a separate package or an upgrade on the payment portal.

These servers are typically more expensive but are used by professionals and competitive players.

128 Tick

Standard CS:GO servers are only 64 ticks per second. However you have the option to double the amount of ticks on your server by choosing a 128 tick server.

This option is usually given to players as an upgrade for a couple of dollars, though what’s the point in paying for a quicker tick rate?

64 Tick vs. 128 Tick in CS:GO

To put it simply each second is split in 128 frames, which means the game is more responsive and your are more accurate.

Typically 128 servers are used for competitive professional matches as it’s seen as a disadvantage to run at the 64 FPS standard version.

Many casual players can’t see the difference but you will notice it at higher competitive levels of play.

For a more in-depth explanation of the difference between 64 and 128 tick CS:GO servers see my article here.

What else should you consider when choosing a hosting company?

If you’ve chosen between a standard or a 128 tick server and you’re now ready to purchase your own private service you should also consider the following points when finalising your company choice.

Important factors to check:

CPU Clock Speed

Sometimes, you can improve your server’s clock speed at the payment portal.

This will improve the over performance of your server. It will cost a few extra dollars but it’s worth paying if you want to run a competitive server.

24/7 Support

Always make sure your host is willing to offer you support 7 days a week.

Problems can occur night or day and it’s essential to have a knowledgeable staff member help you get your server back online.

Priority Support

If you need extra help and you want to have your support tickets answered straight away choose priority support at the hosting companies pay portal.

More experienced players won’t need this, but it’s a great feature for new CS:GO server owners.

Mods Support

Are you planning to mod your server? If so, you may need help doing it. 9 out of 10 companies usually do offer mod support as standard however some do charge.

If you are unsure about modding your server make sure your hosting company can do it for you or at least offer you ”How To” guides.

Customer Reviews

Find positive and negative feedback in relation to your company of choice. You can find plenty of reviews on CS:GO community websites, google reviews and trust pilot.

It’s always best to read other players’ feedback before making your choice.

Refund Policy

Try to pick a hosting company that has at least a 48 hour refund window.

There’s nothing worse than paying for a bad service that you cannot get refunded.

Money Back Guarantee Screenshot

Avoid disappointment by choosing a company that gives you time to get your money back if you’re unhappy.

DDoS Protection

DDoS attacks can ruin an important game of CS:GO, so make sure you are protected by your company.

Distributed Denial of Service attacks aim to slow down your server and even take it offline.

Make sure the company you choose is actively protecting you from external attacks.

Company History

If a hosting company has been up and running for more than 5 years that’s usually a good sign that they know what they are doing.

Survival Servers History

New companies can sometimes be a bit of a gamble but there are some good new hosting companies on the market.


In conclusion if you’re looking for a cheaper more casual experience it’s better to choose a standard CS:GO server. But if you’re looking to improve your skills and play with the professionals you will need to start practicing on 128 Tick servers.

You can find the cheapest hosting company for both these options on the comparison homepage.

ll the hosting companies on the homepage offer a quality affordable service for CS:GO players looking for a reliable server.