Top 6 CS:GO Mods 2020

CS:GO LogoPlaying CS:GO vanilla or competitively can become very repetitive if you’re playing a lot. However if you have your own server you can add mods to Counter Strike to change how the game plays.

You can add more maps, play co-op missions and even add zombies.

My Top 6 Mods for CS:GO In 2020

If you’re looking for something new I have you covered with my top 6 CS:GO mods of 2020:

1. Practice Maps

The Steam Workshop has loads of great practice maps that you can easily download and add to your server.

Maps such as Fast Aim/Reflex training and recoil master are great for improving your skills as a CS:GO player.

CS:GO Practice Map

There is plenty to learn in practice maps and they will give you plenty of time to practice and experiment with weapons and your playing style.

Maps are hugely popular and collectively the Steam Workshop has over 10 million subscribers which is outstanding.

If you’re serious about improving your skills it’s worth downloading these mods.

2. Survival Hardcore

This mod is often compared to C.O.D Zombies and the game-play pretty much the same. You and your fellow team mates will have to work together in order to fight off waves of zombies that progressively get harder each round.

CS:GO Survival Hardcore

You will start with basic weapons at the start but will be able to craft more weapons and even build structures. Turrets will help fight off the zombies and are an essential late game.

You can build a base to give you and your team mates a better chance of survival but be warned, the game is very unforgiving once you get past wave 10.

The mod currently has over 400,000 downloads making it one of the more popular mods for CS:GO.

3. Second War

If you’re looking for a mod that recreates World War 2, Second War is a fantastic mod.

Now I know that this is a Counter-Strike 1.6 mod but I had to include it in this list as it’s one of my favorite “Second World War” mods.

CS:GO Second War

Apart from being set in world war two the mod also includes over 70 history related weapons and 19 playable classes that players can choose from.

There are also additional games modes including Dogfight and Nazi zombies.

Please note: This mod is only available on 1.6 so you will need to have the original counter strike to play it.

4. Oldschool Offensive

If you want to rewind the clock and play the original CS:GO you can with the “Old School Offensive” mod.

CS:GO Oldschool Offensive

Instead of the current 13 maps you will have access to the original 23. Players will also be happy to know that a lot of the original cosmetics, sounds and weapons are also in this mod.

You will have access to original knife sets, gloves and even that old school radar. This mod is fantastic for any player that wants to play the original version of CS:GO.

The new version is great but it’s always nice to revisit the past.

5. Evo Revolution

This mods isn’t your ordinary CS:GO overhaul. CSX Evo Revolution is often compared to Unreal Tournament and Quake because the weapons are very unique and quirky.

There is a massive list of obscure weapons and even weirder game modes including death run, zombie hero and more.

Counter Strike - Evo Revolution

The game-play is completely over the top but gives CS:GO players something completely new to experience.

This mod isn’t for everyone but if you’re looking for something new to play with your friends then you should definitely download it and give it a go.

6. Missions Rush

If you and your friends are looking for a co-operative mission based mod “Mission Rush” is worth trying out.

Co-op maps have always been very popular in CS:GO with more than 1.4 million subscribers on the steam workshop.

CS:GO Mission Rush

Escape a train full of bad guys or rescue and hostage from a high speed bus chase, this mod has it all.

It can be played with up to 10 players so this makes it an excellent team based mod.


If you’re interested in any of the above mods and you’re looking to start a server in order to play them why not check out my “How To Choose a CS:GO Server Hosting Company”.

Unfortunately you will need to be running a server to add mods as the standard server will only allow you to play the base game.

It’s easy to set up a server through a third party and it’s relatively cheap with prices starting from as little as $5.20.